This 'self-charging' electric car has a dashboard filled with dead moss to clean the air

The moss in the dashboard is not really alive, but it does help clean the cabin air.
 Sono Motor

Sion, an electric car that has solar charging capabilities and island moss for air filtration, has been fully revealed.

Made by German mobility provider Sono Motors, the car has 248 solar cells integrated into the car's body, allowing the car to charge during the day. This adds up to 34 kilometers, or 21 miles, to the car's range of 250 kilometers, or about 155 miles.

Sono designed the car to be versatile in its use, whether it be shared, driven privately, or used as company cars. It can also be incorporated into neighborhoods and car-sharing fleets, according to the automaker.

"In conjunction with sharing services and autonomous driving, the digitalization of mobility and the increasing interconnectivity of vehicles will play a key part in significantly reducing the number of vehicles, especially in urban settings," Roberto Diesel, Sono Motor's chief technology officer, said in a prepared statement.

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